Thursday, 18 August 2016

Magic show

We went to a magic show in the hall it was awsome I loved it so much I would like to now all the magic treks it was so amazing when he got a fan and he tarnd  it into a bird and he tarnd a toy bunny into a real liv bunny it was so so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! 

Monday, 15 August 2016


Here is me doing mass I am weighing rice it weighs 754g.
To cups of rice can fell this cantaner. I was weighing the rice
on a electric scale.

Water xylophone

Here is the water xylophone we got to play a chon on them. I made a chon 
up that was a little bit funny I laughet. I do not no how to play a xylophone.


We were lerning about different chons  I can play twekel twekel little star and miry had a little lam I could not get the chon right they were  to fast for me I tryd really hard.


This is my panting I put 4 ml  of red and 10 ml of blue to make this Coluer 


Here is my boat we are lerning about volume. I could feet 20g in my boat.
This boat can feet more because the bottom is bigger I can feet 25g.